Are You overburdened? Busy?

Empátia Balaton bébiszitter, Empatia Balaton babysitterBABYSITTER MEDIATION

Dear Mammy and Daddy!

Reciable babysitters take care and look after your child according to your demands:

  • eight hours daily weekdays
  • mornings and afternoons suitable to the occasion
  • services available evenings, or in the weekends

Our qualified assistants with good references try to mane easier the life
of the people in need according to your demands.

Empátia Balaton idősgondozás, Empatia Balaton looking after old peopleLooking after old people with opportunities of

  • urgent, night services
  • 24 hours service
  • service at weekends
  • incidential services
  • seasonal services
  • on-the-spot services
  • permanent board services

Are You overburdened? Busy?
Are You apartment is waiting to clean it?
Are You expecting guests?

Empátia Balaton házimunka, Empatia Balaton houseworkWE WILL HELP YOU!

Our precise and reliable cleaners are at your disposal according to your demands.

  • cleaning of home and holliday house
  • ironing
  • coacing
  • cleaning of offices
  • gardening
  • house managing.

We work Balaton region, and Fejér, Győr-Sopron, Somogy, Vas, Veszprém, Zala counties - without any comission!